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We are a private hospital 

As a private hospital no hospital fees are medicare refundable. Patients with private health fund membership are charged according to the rate set by their health fund.


Self funded  patients will be charged according to their procedure. 

What costs can I expect?

Pacific Day Surgery performs patient health fund checks 48hrs prior to the patients surgery. This identifies any excess or co-payment due according to the patients policy. If the claim is rejected by their health fund, the patient is responsible for payment of their account.

Your surgeon, anaestheist and pathology fees are separate to the hospital fees.   

How do I schedule a procedure?

All surgical procedures are scheduled with Pacific Day Surgery by your surgeon.

How and when do I make payment?

Pacific Day Surgery attempts to contact all patients by phone 24 hrs prior to their procedure to confirm fees due.  Patients can phone Pacific Day Surgery if they have not been contacted. 

Any payment owing is to be finalised prior to commencement of the patients procedure. We accept EFTPOS, cash, cheque and all credit cards except AMEX

Can I take my medication?

If you are taking any medication, you should continue to take it before surgery unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.


On the day of you surgery, you should bring a list of medication and dosages you are currently taking.  

Can I drive home?

If you are having a general or neurolept anaesthetic, please arrange to have a responsible adult drive you home and stay with you following your surgery because the medication you will be given will make you drowsy. If you drive within 24 hours you may risk prosecution. 

If this is not possible, please contact your surgeons office before surgery to discuss an alternative arrangement. 

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