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Pacific Day Surgery

The Pacific Day Surgery is designed for the comfort and safety of patients who require hospitalisation only for a short period of time.

The staff are here to give you support before, during and after your surgery.

Our nurses and visiting medical consultants will prepare you for surgery and provide you with information on safe management and care at home.

Serving Brisbane and South East Queensland Communities

Advances in surgical techniques have made it possible for patients to have a variety of surgical procedures performed in an operating room setting and yet be ready to return to the comfort of their homes on the same day.

Patients like it because if offers:

  • Comfortable and confidential surroundings
  • Short waiting times before procedures
  • Personalised service provided by experienced staff
  • Convenient pick up and drop off points for family or carers
  • A quiet, unhurried environment.

Pacific Day Surgery is a private day hospital fully licenced with the Queensland Department of Health and has been offering its patients advanced surgical services in a convenient, comfortable setting since 2000.

The Surgery has two operating rooms with full general anaesthetic facilities, one procedure room and six recovery bays. It is equipped with an extensive recovery suite where patients are monitored first in a bed and then later in an armchair prior to discharge home.

Pacific Day Surgery is certified by International Standards Certifications Pty Ltd to ISO 9001:2008 and Core Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare for the provision of Day Surgery Services specialising in Plastic and Reconstructive, Hand and Oral Surgery.

The following Doctors currently use Pacific Day Surgery's facilities:

Plastic & Reconstructive:

  • Dr Paul Belt - (07) 3852-6800
  • Dr Eddie Cheng - (07) 3870-3960
  • Dr James Emmett - (07) 3831-4040
  • Dr Ray Goh - (07) 3488-8118
  • Dr Anthony Kane - (07) 3839-2906
  • Dr Dan Kennedy - (07) 3854-0500
  • Dr Susan O'Mahony - (07) 3831-6983
  • Dr Matthew Peters - (07) 3488-8118
  • Dr Phil Richardson - (07) 3257-1988
  • Dr Alys Saylor - (07) 3852-6000
  • Dr David Theile - (07) 3831-8161
  • Dr Richard Theile - (07) 3839-8827

Oral Surgery

  • Dr Benjamin Erzetic - (07) 3397-5454
  • Dr Frank Moloney - (07) 3003-0011

Pacific Day Surgery is a member of the Private Hospital Association of Queensland and the Australian Day Hospital Association.